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We are a growing equity fund and a technology service company that combines investment, R&D and consulting in order to increase the rate of innovation as well as drive business growth for our clients. 

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Our focus is on increasing the speed and magnitude of technology innovation. We achieve this goal by synergistically combining our core services to build high performance teams, create big impact projects and increase our global network of strategic partners.


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Our R&D capabilities are extensive and proven. We have access to more than a thousand elite engineers who have repeatedly been mentioned in Fortune 500 as well as won prestigious European development awards. 


We are unique by the very nature of our multi-national experience, educational backgrounds and extensive experience in areas such as business, marketing and product development. 


With our global network of investors we match investors to startup. Our investment comes in cash and/or engineering services for equity. Our cash investors are individuals and/or groups who are primarily investing, but not limited to, seed stage funding.

innovation initiatives

Global Development Group

Leveraging our global network and using our key expertise, the GDG provides international market access, consulting services (business strategy, marketing, branding, sales, product development), and access to investment (Grants, Funds and Private).

Startup Manufacturing

A unique startup development model that significantly improves the magnitude and speed of startup success. It streamlines processes, introduces enterprise level R&D and expedites agile investment models.

Sikorsky Challenge

Our joint venture partner, Sikorsky, is an innovation ecosystem which is housed on the National Technical University of Ukraine – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI). The program promotes creative behavior, supports development of new ideas that all comes to life due to excellent STEM educated students. 

R&D for Equity

With 17 years experience in R&D and having worked on hundreds of projects of various sizes and complexity, we have R&D partners that are highly motivated, forward thinking and are investing their R&D resources for equity in Startups around the world. 

Investment Competition

Through events, renowned judges, global corporate partners, we have co-founded a competition to discover the next generation solutions in key fields such as Digital ID and authentication for financial services organisations. 


Our Acceleration Function ranges from legal services, IP, marketing, accounting, business management, recruiting, sales, product development, business model development, R&D and Consulting services.


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Leaders in Cyber Security join Transfotech’s Agora Fund Run event to identify leading startups

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What are people saying?

  • More than an R&D center, they had the experience & passion to truly understand the business & create the tech with us. I highly recommend.
    ParkoParkoTomer Neu-Ner
    Founder and CEO
  • You (Transfotech) have shown an enormous confidence and commitment to our product. I really want to thank you for this.
    Cutting EdgeCutting EdgeJ. Nozipo Maraire
    Founder and CEO
  • Always a professional and pleasant experience. They are quick to understand, respond and have a sympathetic ear – a rare trait.
    DoowappDoowappGeorge Asampong
    Founder and CTO
    (July 2016)

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