Transfotech Global Development Group launches Second Ukraine Sikorsky Challenge Startup Entrepreneurial School in Vinnytsia Ukraine

As part of the Transfotech Global/Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Sikorsky Challenge Project to bring Startup Schools and Incubators to top Ukrainian Tech University, Transfotech Global launched its second startup school in Vinnytsia Ukraine with more to follow.


Left: David Arie CEO of Transfotech

On December 7, 2016, Transfotech’s CEO David Arie (a native of Vinnytsia) and Transfotech’s Global Development Director Joyce Morin Utz participated in the launch event which included a master class by KPI Sikorsky director Igor Peer.

Vinnytsia National Technical University’s Rector Volodymyr V. Grabko hosted the event that was extremely well attended by government officials, professors, business leaders and a large number of enthusiastic students who will be the first participants in the startup school which begins in February 2017.

Also participating in the seminar and launch was KPI’s Sikorsky Director Professor Inna Maliukova who inspired attendees and challenged students to choose their own paths to success and to include the choice to develop ones own innovative company.  The Startup School offers all to be inventors with the tools to achieve that very goal.

Transfotech Global Ukraine and Sikorsky KPI Startup School has agreements with 8 other Ukrainian Universities to train educators in the Sikorsky startup curriculum.


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The following is a translation of news coverage of the event:

Vinnytsia residents got another chance to implement their IT projects: today, on the 7th of December, the opening of startup school «Sikorsky Challenge» took place in Vinnytsia on the campus of Vinnytsia National Technical University.

thumbs-up-groupThe main objective of «Sikorsky Challenge» – is the creation of “conveyor of startups”, using the potential of students-inventors. Anyone who has his/her own IT ideas, projects or wants to learn how to implement them can study at this school.

Thus, Vinnytsia School became one more in the network of startup schools across Ukraine. Classes at school will begin in February next year and will last till October. After completing the training, graduates will be able to participate in the contest of projects, receive advice and financing for their startup.

Director of EMC “Institute of Postgraduate Education,” Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and one of the leaders of «Sikorsky Challenge» Inna Maliukova explained why “it is important to use your right of choice.”

“Everyone chooses the way himself: to become a good specialist, to work from 9 a.m. and go home at 6 p.m., if the boss lets you. Or to choose a different way: to create a company, but not a stall in the street, but some enterprise created thanks to your intelligence. Let it be at first small but innovative, and afterwards global. To make the students think what they really want, they have to realize what life has to offer. Today there is plenty to choose from.”

As was mentioned by David Arie, a former citizen of Vinnytsia and current CEO of the company “Transfotech” headquartered in Tel Aviv, Irael, Vinnytsia has a “powerful arsenal of programmers.”

“For already 18 years I have collaborated with Vinnytsia programmers. Those projects which Vinnytsia residents implement due to this school will have the global importance. The state needs those who can not only invent projects, but also implement them.”

One of the problems named by the school founders was lack of prototype project, which has all chances to become prominent startups. The assistance in implementation of inventions is the main aim of the School.

Deputy of Vinnytsia City Mayor Volodymyr Skalskiy was also present at the opening of the School. In his welcome speech he said that such projects are essential for Ukraine.

“ I’ll tell you a parable. Once an HR came to his chief and started demanding money for training and educational programs for employees. The director started to object, saying, “What if we teach them and they will leave us?” The HR replied: “It will be worse if we do not teach them and they will stay.” Accompanied by “understanding” sighing of the audience, Volodymyr Skalskiy wished the students success in life and training.

Inna Maliukova told “how the School began”.

“We met with Igor Peer (second chief of «Sikorsky Challenge» – Ed.) in a cafe in Tel Aviv. Before that he had an idea of establishing small businesses based on “Android”, and I – creating some student startup school, which would lead to creation of businesses. But I did not have Igor Peer before, and he did not have a large university. In two months we have prepared a program and launched it in February.”

Inna Maliukova also added that the opening day was not an easy one.

“On February 19, 2014 Kyiv Khreschatyk was on fire, everything was blocked. We were shocked by the events and thought that out of the 22 potential “students” not a single one will come. But 18 students came, some of them came straight from “Maidan” – dirty and burnt, and this is no exaggeration. It was symbolic – to start such an activity at such difficult times. Afterwards the first projects, which were seven, came out successful. Two of them received two rounds of investment. Thus, the main thing – is desire.

A lot of projects invented by KPI graduates were implemented. In particular, this is a program for face recognition «Viewdle», which later was bought by the company «Google»; project of interactive surfaces for restaurants «Kodisoft» – cafe tables with touch surface to make orders without a waiter; invention «CamTouch» to transform any surface (initially – boards at village schools) into interactive one; device «Luciding», which allows you to manage human dream – it is now being tested in America and is awaiting permission for production; and other inventions.”

The Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge” is a joint international project of NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and company Be Next IT (Israel) with the support of venture fund «Sikorsky Challenge», Scientific park “Kyiv polytechnic” and  Ukrainian Science and Technology Center (USA).

Structurally the system «Sikorsky Challenge» looks as follows:

> Startup School «Sikorsky Challenge»
> Festival of Innovative Projects «Sikorsky Challenge»
> Business Incubator «Sikorsky Challenge»
> Innovative Technological Environment «Sikorsky Lab»
> Centre for Intellectual Property
> Venture Fund «Sikorsky Challenge» and other funds.

In order to get to training at «Sikorsky Challenge», you need to come to VNTU and write an application. For more information, please visit the School Website or call the head of school at VNTU, Konstiantyn Koval by tel. (093) 689-13-91.